GLOOR, Gregory

Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry
Department of Biochemistry

B.Sc. (Hons) (University of Western Ontario): 1983
Ph.D. (Univeristy of Western Ontario): 1988
Post-Doctoral (University of Wisconsin-Madison): 1990

Research Summary:

Look here for microbiota analysis using the Illumina multiplex method or the Ion Torrent method.This service is offered through the London Regional Genomics Centre

The Vaginal Microbiome


I am examining the vaginal microbiome in a long-term collaboration with Gregor Reid from the Lawson Health Research Institute. The number and type of bacteria in the vagina have a profound effect on women's health and their risk of contracting or transmitting STDs. We are using the Illumina, 454 and ABI-Solid high-throughput sequencing methods to determine which organisms are associated with health and disease, what genes they are using in each state and to determine the genome sequences of various lactobacilli that are of use as probiotics. The set of shell, perl and C programs to extract the information from paired-end Illumina sequencing reactions is here.

Protein Sequence Coevolution

picture We are using variations on mutual information to identify protein active sites. We have found that active sites (binding sites, catalytic sites, domain interfaces) are unexpectedly rich in mutual information. This suggests that the pairs of residues in these interfaces evolve coordinately. We have refined and extended the methodology and can now reliably detect three times as many coevolving positions as our first method. In concert with Andrew Fernandes and Lindi Wahl, we are working on next-generation methods of detecting covariation.

We are now directly testing the hypothesis that coevolving positions are important for structure and function using mutagensis. Positions that coevolve in candidate genes are being mutated and then assayed biochemically and genetically to assess their function.

We believe that the ability to accurately identify coevolving positions in proteins will have broad clinical and fundamental applications, on par with our current abilities to identify and use conserved positions in protein families.

Supplementary data for the 2005 papers in Biochemistry and Bioinformatics

Oligo melting calculator

Recent Publications and Manuscripts:

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KEYWORDS: Computational Biology, Protein Evolution, Coevolution, Molecular Biology, High throughput sequencing, Genomics, Molecular genetics

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